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A Guide to Identifying the Most Common Types of CCTV Cameras in Cork

CCTV cameras are devices that people are aware of. But what most of you are oblivious to is the variety. After all, what rewards homeowners with a sense of protection might put the premise of businesses at threat. This is probably why there’s one for diverse situations and premises. All must acknowledge them to enjoy […]

How to Create the Perfect Smart Home Security for your Residence?

The idea of a safe home varies across homeowners. So, do not expect your neighbours in Cork, Ireland to share the same security features at their residence. Each of them may have customised the features in a way to feel more secure. This reveals one thing – that there are plenty of options at your […]

Thermal Cameras: A Magic Bullet for Fever Detection during Covid-19 Pandemic

Ever since the global pandemic of Covid-19 spread, the world started frantically searching for resources that could help combat the deadly virus. Thermal security cameras are one such technology! Unlike the usual CCTV cameras in Cork that allow the user to keep a tab on burglars and suspicious people, who are a threat to one’s […]

Night Vision CCTV Camera in Cork: Factors to Consider for a Worthwhile Investment

Burglary, vandalism, murders and all sorts of violent crimes occur at night, while the city’s asleep, threatening the lives and properties of people. This is probably what triggered the security system manufacturers to come up with a state-of-the-art feature – night vision in CCTV camera, Cork. The technology has saved many from the unknown and […]

How Home Alarm Systems Cork Can Get You A Discount On Home Insurance

In Ireland, homeowners have the facility to claim Insurance, if they experience a burglary at their home and if the burglar is successful to steal something, or damages any property or possession while escaping. But it is a typical scene that after going through the burglary, and getting the coverage, consumers have to pay an […]

Legal Regulations for Domestic CCTV Installation Cork

CCTV Cameras have become highly popular in Ireland as a functional technology for maintaining security, used, not only by offices and showrooms but also by homeowners and farm owners to extend better security for the property as well as for the family, pets and livestock. Home surveillance systems are easily available, affordable and simple to […]