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We understand how much you value your property, possessions and more importantly your family, which is why we offer Camera System installation service to all Cork-based residents. With the boons of digitalised signals, HD quality cameras and of course our expertise in positioning cameras in the right corner of your home, you can now watch over your family or property from anywhere. Contact us for setting it up without encountering the complicacy and wiring glitches.

Standard Camera System Installation Services by Domestic Security Experts

With crime and theft cases reaching an all-time high, a surveillance system is no longer a luxury and something meant for the cash-rich. It’s a necessity! From motion detection to night visionfor crystal clear footage, from two-way audio to zoom function and from mobile control to cloud storage, each accompanies convenient features to protect homes from the watchful eyes of burglars. If you value your family and wish to keep criminals at bay, protect your residential property by investing in Home Security Cameras. Not only will it let you check on your family from your workplace or on the go, but will also help you collect evidence in the form of videos and images to catch criminals red-handed.

However, none of this will hold true without a professionally installed security camera. This is where Domestic Security Services makes its presence felt and helps out residential property owners.Here are reasons to schedule an installation from us:

  • Know where to position a Camera System for maximum coverage
  • Equipped with the right tools to complete the installation in time
  • Offer 24/7 tech support and the much-needed insight to maintain it
  • Have trained and experienced staff

Give us a call for a quick surveillance system installation and get insights on how to secure your home with the best CCTV cameras.

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