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Home CCTV System

Home CCTV system installation is not easy. Small queries like, whether you should install them inside or outside are very common. Worries regarding wires running through the house can also cause stress. Save yourself that hassle and leave it to the experts of Domestic Security Services. We are PSA licensed with over 40 years experience in the security sector. From positioning surveillance cameras in suitable positions, preventing untimely burglary to offering expert advice on the best home CCTV kits, we at Domestic Security Services in Cork are here to help

Get professional assistance when installing home security cameras in Ireland

Security camera systems are ever-present. You can find them installed in almost all the commercial buildings and residential areas. There are many reasons which encourage people to install home security cameras irrespective of safety reasons, such as: being hassle-free to set-up and cost-effective, Domestic Security can assist in the whole process.

Here are the top 4 benefits of installing a home camera system:

  • Reduces insurance policy cost
  • Deters crime & secures belongings
  • Monitors blind spots around home, and offers full coverage.
  • Collects evidence of crimes on record

Why hire us for Home CCTV Installation?

We are professionals and have extensive experience in the security camera system installation field. And, as Irish experts, we can promise you utmost safety by ensuring the following:

  • We provide the best picture quality
  • We ensure full coverage of property and surrounding areas
  • We avoid breaching GDPR protocols by capturing only your property and not your neighbours
  • We help you optimise the best of surveillance cameras
  • We prevent hackers from tapping into your security settings and compromising your safety

Convinced? Dial our number and give us a quick call or book an appointment. We can help you with a home CCTV set-up without breaking the bank!
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