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Short on Funds for Installation of Automatic Gates in Cork? Automate the Existing One!

Sometimes it doesn’t go by the plan mostly due to funding shortage. But you know what, we have a solution to it too! No need to compromise on the safety of your residential premises. If you’re keen on deterring unwanted trespassers, we can install an automatic system to your existing gate so that you enjoy the benefits of electric gates in Cork in almost half the cost. Do not worry about the size, shape or material of it as automation hardly depends on any of these factors. Rather, let us advise you on the type of motor that shall best complement the functioning of your gates and take care of the rest. Contact us for a consultation to evaluate the condition of your gates before transforming them into one of the most functional automatic gates in Cork.

Looking for professionals to install automatic gates to protect your family and property when you are away? We are happy to inform you that we can provide you with the ultimate solution and return your peace of mind. From sliding gate openers to overhead gate openers and further to swinging gate openers, we can deal with all sorts of installations and provide you with a high level of protection with just a push of a button. Reach out to us!

Automatic Gate Installations from the Best Installers near you

Automatic Gates are driveway gates,which operate automatically with the press of a button on a remote or from a digital keyboard or with the swipe of an electronic card. Some even take controls from a mobile app or a vehicle tag. Typically mounted on stout posts and connected to electrical cables, such a system responds to external triggers or controls from a property owner and blocks unwanted visitors from entering one’s residential campus.

The benefits of installing Automatic Gates from a professional at Domestic Security are manifold. Check out reasons to schedule an installation:

  • Installation of autogates in Ireland is a massive undertaking. We take the chore out of it and finish off the job in time with little to no efforts from your side.
  • Know all the tricks to efficient installation, preventing sagging of gates over time.
  • Ensure better curb appeal by doing a thorough job and raise the value of the property.
  • Equipped with adequate manpower and tools to complete the work in time.
  • Experienced and trained in this domain.
  • Adept with the right skills to deal with all sorts of installations – side, overhead and swinging gate openers.

Is automatic gate installation in your cards? Dial our number or reach out to us for professional assistance! We can help you out in taking the chore away from electric gates installation in Ireland.

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