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Safe Installation

Installing a safe in your home is not an easy feat. It requires the skills of a professional in order to locate wall studs, cutting into the wall using a stud sensor- all the while avoiding damage to important electrical wiring. Rely on our team at Domestic Security Services to handle this complex process of installation in the most efficient way. We also have locksmiths which can provide lockout services if needed.

Domestic Security – An Expert in Home Safe Installation in Ireland

Protecting property is no doubt imperative but equally significant is safeguarding valuable possessions, which are irreplaceable and special to you. However, home safe installation is not a DIY job. It requires experience, strength and the right skills, in which we as professionals excel in. So, if you need any sort of help in this area, you can always rely on us at Domestic Security.

Contact us for the following safe installation services in Cork Ireland:

  • Home Safe Installation

Do you lack a safe at home? It’s high time you invest in one and let us install it for you in your residential property. Be it a standalone safe, a wall safe or a floor safe or just any safe in Cork Ireland, we can assist you with the setup. Just dial our number and fix an appointment for home safe installation service in cork.

  • Safe Cracking

Are you locked out of your safe? There’s nothing to worry about with us at your service. We can help you retrieve your valuables and documents, irrespective of the level of security, in a jiffy. Get in touch with us for further enquiries.

  • Safe Moving

Moving to a new house? Take your safe along! Contact us for safe moving services.

Worried about disclosing your code to us? Not an issue! We can assist you with all the above-mentioned services without compromising your security. Contact Domestic Security near you for installation of any safe in Cork Ireland.

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