Domestic Security Services is a family’s first choice in Smart Home Security Systems in Cork Ireland. It was established in 1979 by Mark Clifford in Cork, Ireland to provide both supplies and unrivalled installation services of domestic security products. Since then, we have been relentlessly serving our customers all over Cork city and its county. From the installation of CCTVs, safes, Automatic Gates, Alarm Systems to Cameras, we cover a wide spectrum of services for both domestic and commercial properties. Our long-standing reputation and unparalleled customer service give us an edge over others in the industry. Licensed by the Private Security Authority, we abide by all legal norms set by the Private Security Services Act 2004 for all security guarding companies since 1st April 2006.


how we work


A secure home or a commercial property, equipped with the right set of security components, brings clients peace of mind. And we believe it’s invaluable! At Domestic Security Services, we work 24/7 to relieve our clients of the worries of leaving all their valuables and belongings back home and leave for work.
We are trusted organization of:

Smart Home Security System
CCTV Cameras in Cork
Home Security Alarm System
Locksmiths in Cork, etc.

Also, we cater to the security requirements of commercial properties.
But the following four points make us unbeatable in Cork.


24/7 Support

Our fleet of trained professionals works round the clock for constant support in Cork Ireland.



We make home security systems in Cork Ireland affordable, be it through low-priced products or reasonable services.



We are totally reliable. You can trust us with the installation of a home security system job in Cork.


Professional Security Staff

We work with the trained security staff of the highest standards in Cork Ireland.


Our Services

A one-stop-shop for all smart security needs, taking away the stress from yourminds by assuring you of safer and more comfortable home/commercial property.


Home CCTV System

Home CCTV system installation is not easy. Doubts like “where to install them- inside or outside?” are very common. To top it all, trivial things like running wires through self-drilled holes might just freak you out. So, leave it to the experts of Domestic Security Services. We are PSA licensed and experienced enough to take away the stress from Home CCTV installation job in Cork Ireland. From positioning surveillance cameras in suitable positions to preventing untimely burglary to offering expert advice on the best home CCTV kits in Cork... more...

Camera System

We understand how much you value your property, possessions and more importantly your family, which is why we offer Security Camera System installation service to all Cork-based residents. With the boons of digitalised signals, HD quality cameras and of course our expertise in positioning surveillance cameras in the right corner of your home, you can now watch over your family or property from anywhere. Contact us for... Read More

Automatic Gates in Cork

Looking for professionals to install automatic gates to protect your family and property when you are away? We are happy to inform you that we can provide you with the ultimate solution and return your peace of mind. From sliding gate openers to overhead gate openers and further to swinging gate openers, we can deal with all sorts of installations and provide you with a high level of protection with just a push of a button. Reach out to us! Automatic Gate Installations from the Best Installers near you Automatic Gates are driveway gates,which operate automatically with the press of a button on a remote or from a digital keyboard or with the swipe of an electronic card. Some even take controls from a mobile app or a vehicle tag. Typically mounted on stout posts and connected to electrical cables, such a system responds to external triggers or controls from a property owner and blocks unwanted visitors from entering one’s residential campus.

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Home Safe Installation

More than selecting a safe for your home, the real struggle is in installing one. The procedure is not just elaborate and complex with locating wall studs using a stud sensor cutting into the wall, keeping in mind not to bore a hole into the electrical wiring but also demands patience. In a simple sense, it’s not a job for the amateurs. Contact the professionals at Domestic Security Services to install it for you in the most efficient way! Our expert locksmiths also provide lockout services.


Home Alarm Systems in Cork

A safe home starts with secure entry points like the doors and windows. A properly installed Alarm System ensures it and safeguards homes from burglars with top-quality features like motion detectors, window sensors, CCTV cameras and control panels. If you are a firm believer in its application and wish to protect your residence or commercial property most smartly, dial our number and schedule an installation. We can bring you peace of mind in the next meet.

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